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A welcoming stretch of sand

Surf Montalivet

Montalivet Beaches

In the summer Montalivet-Les-Bains spoils it's visitors with lots of sunshine and a welcoming stretch of beach. From October through to April the beach shows an entirely different set of colours. The contours are more sharply outlined in the crisp Atlantic coastal light, The village of Vendays-Montalivet and her beach seems ablaze in the setting sun... come and discover another enchanting aspect of this village where charm and authenticity, heritage and traditions, remain intact.

- Nord where you will find the boat slipway.

- Central where you will find the Montalivet lifeguard station overlooking the waterfront (with helicopter pad).

- Sud including the surf cabin, holiday camp lifeguard post and the south lifeguard post .

- CHM with its lifeguard station. (Please note this is the only naturist beach of Montalivet). 1800 mètres of beach for naturists.

- ACM with lifeguard station for the holiday village situated behind.

- The next 8km of beach are 100% natural with NO lifeguard presence until you reach the Pin Sec.

montalivet beach
montalivet beach
montalivet-les-bains beach
vendays-montalivet beach
medoc beach
montalivet beach

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