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Land Sailing

 Land Yachting in Montalivet

Land Yacht or Sand Yacht

Montalivet situated on the Atlantic Coast of the Aquitaine region has the privilege of an all year Land Sailing Zone and a 12 km beach on its doorstep ideal for land yachts. The sailing school is the ideal for schools, associations, clubs and any individual wishing to discover our region and culture while using a land yacht (or sand yacht) as the engine of communication.



All the instructors at the sailing centre are nationally qualified land yacht instructors who will teach you using tested techniques in a secure environment either on the centres all weather training zone or the Montalivet beach depending on the weather conditions and tides.

The land yacht school with its nationally qualified instructors offers land yacht sailing lessons for the complete beginner session to the advanced package; the choice is up to you.

It may look difficult, but as I expect you do not know, land yachting is one of the easiest sports to learn where the wind is your driving force. Once you have felt the power of the wind as you run before a Northern breeze on your way south or the response from the sail as you tack your way back up the beach, you will be hooked.

Using equipment that has been specially designed they will have you up and running from the first day, from where you will be able to enjoy the experience of piloting your land yacht on one of the most beautiful beaches of South West France.
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Char à Voile Montalivet
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