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Le chemin du resinier

Pine trees Montalivet

Tapping the Pine Tree

If you are lucky enough you may uncover a bit of history from the days when the forest was farmed for its resin. (Hint: Look out for old terracotta pots and bits of metal, as these were used to collect the resin from the pine trees by the résinier). You can still see a bit of the old "farmed" forest in the southern carpark of the village of Montalivet. Lookout for pine trees with vertical running splits. You may even spot a few old resin "bulbs".

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To find bits of terracotta you will have to look hard.. I've only managed to find bits between Hourtin and Carcan-Plage on the 'La route des Phares' (Note: the road is closed to cars between May and September, so you will have to use your bike!) at the old resine station (about 5 miles from Carcans).

There is a small musem in Carcans .

Otherwise take a trip to the "Grès Médocains" found to the east of the village of Brach where they are still producing the terracotta pots for a regional "souvenir".
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La route des Phares
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